industrial spacecraft renders

Contextual renders of various designs from my industrial spacecraft series. Programs used for rendering were Max and V-ray with post processing done in Photoshop.

Paul pepera thumper sun6

A TFMS-9C approaching an Earth bound passenger liner for docking procedure. (November 14, 2177)

Paul pepera cs1 sun dual

A SAM-608 replacing the main fuel tank on a SGT-7B over Neptune. (August 29, 2097)

SGT-7B Model Copyright Freefolk/NatGeo

Paul pepera cs6 sun4

SAM-608 performing debris clearing work near Jupiter moon Callisto (June 8, 2136)

Paul pepera thumper sun8

A TFMS-9D photographed near Pluto moon Charon. (June 22, 2125)