November 2, 2177

An SGT-7B arrives at Urbain Le Verrier Spaceport in high Neptune orbit after conducting a series of orbital insertion maneuvers for recently arrived cargo freighters. Le Verrier Spaceport is the main transportation, economic, and logistical hub serving the Neptune system. Occupied by over 2,000 technicians, engineers, mechanics and permanent residents it is by far the largest manned spaceport located this far from the central solar system. Its main purpose is resupplying long distance cargo vessels entering or leaving the solar system by sourcing fuel materials from Neptune’s moons - particularly Triton and Nereid. These moons account for over 80% of the harvested water ice in the Neptune system, which is then processed into spacecraft fuel at the William Lassell Refinery located on Triton.

Paul pepera csi2 f2

SGT-7B model Copyright Freefolk/NatGeo